#156 – Bhavik Bhakta – Director of IT – Hayes Locums

Bhavik talks about the levels of laziness he’ll go to in order to have a restful night sleep. He discusses the role of a Director and how he helps support his team so they can be successful. Vik discusses actionable responses and how he needs to switch hats so he can ingest all the information to tackle the big and small issues that arise everyday. Vik stresses the importance of being able to pivot. We are working in a fast past environment and need to adjust accordingly. Vik explains how being lazy can be good. His team works hard to design with broad vision, implement with focus, and maintain a constant vigilance, so that you can exhale and enjoy your downtime. You work hard so that you can be lazy and enjoy your off time and the things that give you joy in life. Possible the best thing Vik shares is don’t get in the habit of cutting corners. Invest professionally and personally to ensure success, and beware the arrogance of success. Form a good team around you, and lean on those trusted people. As a leader, cultivate a culture of success by helping your team and others complete their task. Help others win, and you all win.


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