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Every client has unique, mission-critical needs. As your trusted advisor, we deliver custom cybersecurity consulting services tailored for small-to-midsize organizations, focused on enhancing business continuity, improving incident response, and solidifying disaster recovery. Our expertise in resiliency and cybersecurity maturity is enhanced by our cybersecurity consulting services – vCISO. Our team expertly navigates the complexities of GRC, legal frameworks, and insurance requirements to align cybersecurity strategy with evolving business objectives. We take a People, Process, & Technology approach to safeguard your business operations to thrive in this complex cyber landscape.

By choosing ShortArm Solutions, you’re investing in a partnership that understands the importance of your mission and is committed to protecting your business in the intricate cyber landscape.



JEFF CHAO | ShortArm Solution


Jeff is an experienced business operations, development and strategic alliances veteran, mainly within technology enabled service companies – a serial entrepreneur at both inception and growth stage companies. Currently, Jeff is leading ShortArm Solutions as a first time CEO and third time Company C-Suite and Co-Founder.

ShortArm Solutions, like many of its Clients, is both a Veteran & Minority Owned Disadvantaged Small Business. Supporting the journey of similar small-to-midsize businesses by lighting the way as they navigate the ever-changing and unpredictable waters of entrepreneurism is our mission. We accomplish this by strengthening their ship and up-skilling their teams.

Alongside ShortArm Solutions, Jeff is also the co-host of the CyberPro Podcast, a quick fire format Q&A with industry professionals laser focus on a specific subject matter, where they have deep expertise, where the Mission is to get that knowledge and expertise out to others in their field. The motto is – Share. Learn. Protect.

Coming Soon will be a more philanthropic endeavor whose vision will be to find, engage and educate the next generation of Cyber Professionals. Stay Tuned.

Previously, Jeff has held various mid-to-senior level positions at both venture funded startups and large company intrapreneurial spinoff’s. In these roles, Jeff was primarily responsible for balancing daily operations while overseeing the implementation and management of bespoke and profitable solutions for the company’s Clients.

RICK MISCHKA | ShortArm Solution


A former Army Special Forces Sergeant, Rick has worked his way into the cybersecurity space with a focus on helping customers become more aware of technologies that grow the cyber-resiliency of their security profile. As a subject matter expert (SME) and strategy leader in the Cybersecurity industry, he is tasked with highlighting the importance of the overall security posture of organizations. Understanding the cyber technology landscape is a daunting task and educating others on the importance of choosing the right technology stack is his passion.

Focusing on cyber innovation and executing strategic plans to identify & build technical capacity and solutions; he also enjoys identifying promising use cases for A.I. and Machine Learning for proactive and automated cybersecurity. Rick has been working in the technology space for the last 12 years. He hosts his own cyber-relevant podcast and has built a network of highly successful cybersecurity professionals & experts who work together to provide a consultative approach to cybersecurity awareness & education.

He focuses on balancing exemplary servant leadership, and organizational & communication skills with deep expertise to resolve complex problems, maximize and optimize business growth while maintaining industry-leading standards of excellence.

In the before cyber-times, he had previously been a collegiate and national level volleyball coach (and a professional player), a paramedic & firefighter and a Special Operations Soldier rounding out a life of great experiences that lends itself to being more than just a ‘cyber guy’. Rick has a MAH in Social Behavior; an Executive MBA; and holds certifications in CEH, CASP, Security+, and CMMC-AB RP. He is a glutton for punishment and is studying for his CISSP as well as pursuing his Ph.D. in Cyber Psychology. He also sits on a few Veteran Advocacy Non-Profit Boards and works to find ways for our Veteran community to grow, educate, and thrive.

Anthony Schmidt | ShortArm Solution


Tony has over ten years experience in logistics, business analysis, and business development. Driven by facts and data, he takes pride in providing the best actionable information possible. As the Director of Operations at Shortarm Solutions his goals are to help our customers reach their financial, technical, and educational goals. On top of his job duties he has been recognized as an analytical thinker, social media manager, with skills translating to marketing and customer success. He has been a coach at the college and high school levels, as well as a trainer in a corporate environment.

Tony has two Bachelor of Science degrees, a MBA, multiple certificate courses in Excel, Access, and is currently completing a course in QA Automation and SDET. He also has a deep understanding of the recruiting and sales processes.


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