Incident Response & Disaster Recovery
Incident Response | ShortArm Solution

Incident Response Planning (IRP)

Our Incident Response Planning (IRP) solution is a comprehensive, leadership-approved strategy implemented to protect your organization before, during, and after a cybersecurity incident. Tailored to align with your business goals and risk tolerance, our IRP emphasizes preparation, detection, and reporting, alongside rigorous testing and tabletop exercises. Triage and analysis, containment and neutralization, and post-incident activity, this approach becomes the foundation of a resilient cyber defense matrix.

Data Back-Up & Recovery

Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are designed to protect your business against disruptions. Incorporating robust disaster recovery plans to ensure minimal downtime and operational continuity while integrating emergency protocols, advanced backup systems, remote work solutions, and effective crisis communication strategies. This empowers resilience through preparedness for rapid recovery.

Disaster Recovery Plan | ShortArm Solution
Business Continuity | ShortArm Solution

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning orbits around your customers and their trust in you. Comprehensive assessments and continuity strategies safeguard against outages, minimize downtime, and reduce the loss of revenue. By partnering with us, you protect your business by upholding your reputation. A business continuity plan enhances resilience, reduces risk, and increases recovery speed all while supporting stakeholder confidence through compliance and financial protection.


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