#159 – Chip Harris – Sr Cyber-Security Admin and Red Team Leader – Digital Management LLC

Chip is a blue collar guy trying to make it in the white collar world of cyber security. He has tons of energy and experience and IS NOT afraid to tell it how it is. Chip gets paid to be a professional BAD GUY. He has a lot to say about IT and OT (operational technology). He is an educator for a graduate program, and speaks about the current state of education for future cyber employees. As an educator he speaks to what you need to know and what to expect right out of the educational system. In IT/Security you need to be able to think like a bad guy. You have to be able to think critically and have abstract forward thinking. Something he points out our public education system has robbed many of. Chip points out the glaring lack of people that can protect the operational technologies we depend on. Water treatment facility, cities electrical grids, gas pipelines, etc have a huge outcry needing qualified people and are more vulnerable than we want to admit. Chip also stresses the importance of patch management and how organizations neglect them leaving us extremely vulnerable to major outages.


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