#163 – Dylan Evans – Owner – Simple Salt

Dylan discusses Process Engineering for easy and big security wins. Dylan explains simplifying the “jibber jabber” for the non technical to make cyber security accessible to all. He elaborates on the true goal of what we do, to reduce the frequency and impact of being stolen from. What other things can we do to achieve that goal other than spending lots of money on tech? There is tremendous value in making things simple and easier for customers and vendors. Understanding a businesses main concern is to make money, cyber security is a part of that. Cyber Security needs to be in line with the business goals and learn to meet business leaders and partners where they are. Learn to help them specifically and individually. Don’t refer to other departments in the business as a “cultural other”. Cyber security is not outside the business, but a part of it. All departments work together to achieve the same goal, and not in competition or opposition to each other. There are numerous process changes that can be made for businesses of all sizes to add value and make work easier. Cyber Security isn’t so much a cop, but should be more like a lawyer or doctor and help those other people learn to better protect themselves.


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