#195 – Davin Jackson – Owner – Alpha Cybersecurity

Davin shares some advice on getting started in penetration testing and API penetration testing. Always stay hungry and learn, never stop so you are able to help others. Davin talks about how we can get more diverse people into cyber that might not see it as a career path. You don’t have to be a “poindexter” to be in cyber. Getting people to understand that SS#’s and medical info can go for more than trade secrets. Understanding this can help people understand the need for security. Davin stresses that those just starting out, don’t think that you have to know everything right away. Don’t burn yourself out. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Surround yourself with the right people. To those experienced people, share that information. “Lift as you climb.” Trust and believe in the next generation, share what you have learned with them to ensure we have a bright future.


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