#207 – Richard Stiennon – Chief Research Analyst – IT-Harvest

Richard shares the knowledge he has amassed over his long career on how to research the entire cybersecurity industry. He tells us about his journey from a pentester to an industry analyst. He has started over 24 companies over that time. Richard talks about the process he has developed over 17 years to sort through all the data. Most people struggle sorting through the incoming flood of data. He starts by finding and classifying all the vendors. He goes into major categories like zero trust and machine learning, but have to dig deeper to see what the vendors actually do. He breaks them down into 17 major buckets. Clarifying the vendors through the cycle is the challenge. He has over 9k he has researched. It is a continuous process since some just disappear. If there are 3,000 out there, he has easily looked at 8,000 possible vendors. It takes 5 minutes or more to vet a vendor. You can do the math and see how that adds up. It gives you dynamic data to make decisions and act off of. The fastest growing in API security over the last 18 months. Fraud prevention is the slowest, actually shrinking over the last year.


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