#209 – Adrian Sanabria – Director of Product Management – Tenchi Security

Adrian talks to us about why the security industry needs more myth-busters and more feedback loops. He talks about the allure of the industry because everything is new and changing. Also how the old adage that knowing thy past can help understand future trends. The need to know how things work, and understand how different events can effect the world is a huge driver for success in the cybersecurity industry and for Adrian. He touches on knowing when to outsource and being able to prioritize those things. He talks about a YT video about the concept of an “expert” and how that inspired him, as well as the idea of 10,000 hours required. The big thing missing from this model is feedback loops. A big chunk of that feedback information that would be helpful to make everyone better, isn’t getting to the people or vendors that need it most. He ends on the idea of how important it is being proactive vs reactive. That way engineers and defenders can act proactively to protect and save lives, money, etc.


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