#217 – Jackie McGuire – Sr Marketing Strategy Manager – Cribl

Jackie talks about realizing and taking active steps in reducing carbon footprints. She shares with us some very interesting and disturbing facts about water consumption and usage in the industry. She also shares in our excitement about the Pacific Hackers Association conference, where she is the Keynote Speaker, November 18-19th, 2022. Jackie talks about how the internet is really just reaching a state of maturity. How it was considered a novelty or entertainment early on, and how it has become an integral part of our daily lives now. She discusses how our past short term thought processes in terms of infrastructure are now being rethought going forward into this next maturity phase. This heavily concerns how we don’t realize how much water is used in the industry. We only see what we get, we don’t realize how much irreplaceable resources are being consumed to provide this. With the increased need for ML and AI we need more servers which only makes this issue more prevalent.


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