#219 – Ed Choudhry – Executive Director – Hacker Dojo

Special edition of The Cyber Pro Podcast on site at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA and site of the Pacific Hackers Association Conference. Ed is the Executive Director and tells us about his story, the story of Hacker Dojo, and what the place stands for and is all about. Ed tells us about what you get becoming a member and how you can join. Great place to test and collaborate with like minded tech people. “Gym for the mind” “Campus with class”. They have all the new tools to play with, learn, and LEVEL UP. They are member based. Tax deductible, all dues go back into the Dojo. That is how they keep it neutral and open. We embrace the term “hacker” in the positive sense as describing someone who likes to understand how things work and produce new creations. They provide space to bring together entrepreneurs, programmers, creators and other hackers.


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