#222 – Rich Struse – CTO – Tidal Cyber

Richard Struse defines Threat-Informed Defense, the core of what Tidal Cyber was built on. He talks about his time at MITRE and coining the phrase threat-informed defense. Rich talks about how we grew so quickly, and connected all our devices and certain entities that don’t share our best intentions are exploiting our love for technology. It is about fixing the things in hindsight we might not have done, and getting technology back so we have control of it, especially in critical areas. Rich elaborates on the idea that if we don’t understand their TTP’s, tactics, techniques, and procedures we are going to be on the losing end of that exchange. He talks about how adversaries, once they get a foothold, are living off our land and are repurposing our resources for their ends. We need a new approach.


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