#260 | Patrick Gillespie | CEO & Founder | Boots To Cyber

Patrick talks to us about how to break into cyber and how to transition from the Military to Cyber. He pulls from his military career to address cybersecurity risks and concerns. He talks about how we help SMB’s from ransomware and other threats. He talks about the hard parts of working in cyber, but also calls to inspire to always try to improve or look for your best role. There are a TON of roles in cyber that can suite you. Pentesting may not be for you, or you may not know everything about it, but there are other roles that may suite you better. So always keep learning, because the more you learn the better the chance to find your niche that you enjoy and can excel at. Networking can also help you find your tribe that you can grow and help each other to grow and excel. Sometimes knowing where to find the information, or who to ask for help, can save you versus trying to know it all yourself.


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