#276 | Kenneth Foster | VP of IT Governance, Risk and Compliance | Fleetcor

Kenneth has a long title and has his fingers in a lot of pots. Ken shares stories from his beginnings when it was called ‘information assurance’ and talks about his time in the Navy and building networks so they could play games together on the ship. He discusses how risk comes at you and how fast you react and adapt makes the difference. Ken stresses how important it is to get out and share your knowledge with others in the community. Raising the knowledge base of everyone, not just cyber and IT professionals, is how we make everyone more secure. Turn them into a ‘sensor’ by informing them of things they can look for and report. He also talks about the talent gap, and how the requirements don’t always make sense. Look for the aptitude, attitude, and ability to learn. Put the effort into training the right people, not expect someone to have 7 years of experience in something that has only been around for 4 years.


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