CPP 314 | Patrick Harr | CEO | SlashNext

Join Rick as he interviews Patrick Carr, CEO of Slash Next, on the latest trends in cybersecurity. Patrick shares his extensive background, from border manager to Blue Coat, and delves into the impact of generative AI on cybersecurity. Learn about sophisticated phishing attempts and the importance of a layered cybersecurity approach with human augmentation. Plus, discover Patrick’s favorite retro tech from his Novell days! Tune in for valuable insights and stories.


Connect with Patrick: https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrickharr/

Visit SlashNext: https://slashnext.com/

Read about State of Phishing research done by SlashNext: https://slashnext.com/press-release/slashnext-mid-year-state-of-phishing-report-shows-341-increase-in-bec-and-advanced-phishing-attacks/

Learn more about GenAI for Spam and Graymail Detection: https://slashnext.com/press-release/genai-spam-and-graymail-detection/


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