CPP Special Presentation | Tim Opsitnick | Co-Founder | Advisory Board Member

We are very fortunate to have Tim speak with us today. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience we can learn from. He speaks to us about the importance of preparedness, have a incident response plan in place, and how that can help small and middle market businesses.

The key to a good cybersecurity posture is preparedness. The OnCall Cyber approach ensures small/medium sized businesses are prepared for a breach by offering a subscription model that includes a comprehensive solution to cyber challenges, combining incident response planning, cyber law planning, cyber insurance, and a 24/7 Cyber Crisis Response Team.

Why is this important? Cyber attacks are increasing in quantity and severity and small/medium businesses are especially vulnerable. Cybersecurity compliance regulations are increasing. Breach investigation findings can be used as evidence at trial, including the error source (often human). Cyber Insurance is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain.


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