The Cyber Pro Podcast Ep 164 – Lee Archinal – Sr Threat Hunter & Content Developer – Cyborg Security

Lee talks all things Threat Hunting! Lee shares how his main duties are researching for new vulnerabilities, creating a hypothesis, emulating that attack, and testing that hypothesis is the scientific method. Make sure you pay attention in school kids! He lays out how Red and Blue team experience are both helpful in threat hunting. Lee talks about how the labor shortage could be shortened if not brought to an end. Lee lays out the things that will make you successful in this field. He stresses the importance of not giving up. There is an abundance of information out there to learn from and grow your skills. Let your passion drive you, no matter where you start, don’t stop until you achieve your goals. Don’t be afraid to do some trial and error. We all learn at different speeds. Compare your growth to your self yesterday, not to others. Never stop growing and learning. Things change at such a fast pace that you shouldn’t be deterred by not knowing everything. Accept the challenge and power forward. Beware the imposter syndrome. Most importantly, never stop believing in yourself!

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