The Cyber Pro Podcast Episode 174 – John Strand – Owner – Black Hills Information Security

Prepare for some “Johnisms”, and to be entertained. Be ready to be educated and have a flexible mindset to make it in this industry. John also talks about the pay what you can training they started to help people who might not have had access, start their journey. We are just now getting to the point we can lock down endpoints, but it is too late. Complexity is constantly growing and moving into the cloud. We are 1.5 million trained professionals short in the industry, and we need more because the complexity is growing and only getting more massive. Luckily we live in the “golden age” of cyber security education. There are amazing options to get training. There is no excuse, since there are thousands of people sharing content to help educate others. The problem is wading through the overwhelming options to find what helps you best learn and achieve your goals. To start you have to know Windows and Linux. You have to understand networking and TCPIP settings. You need to learn a coding language. You have to start with those core fundamentals to get everything else to work for you. Everything fits into those core fundamentals.

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