The Cyber Pro Podcast Episode 175 – Grant Gibson – Executive Vice President – CIBR Ready

Grant talks to us about Log4j vulnerability; what it is and how to get ahead of the vulnerabilities’ potentially devastating effects. Grant reminds us of one of the first things to remember in sleuthing, always follow the money. Looking forward to the next year, we will hear a lot of the old terms, phishing, ransomeware, and password protection, but look out for log4j vulnerability. It is a simple system on servers that has root system access, and that is the way in for hackers. There is not a 100% way to mitigate this, but making sure you are up to date on all patches is a good start. This all happens at logging root access. There was a log4j hack on Microsofts server from Minecraft. Main takeaway, PATCH, PATCH, PATCH! Until there is a better way to protect from this. This is a good argument for Zero Trust.

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