The Cyber Pro Podcast Episode 181 – Scott Poley – Threat Hunter – Cyborg Security

Scott talks to us about threat hunting and building different ways to prevent successful attacks. He talks about going beyond the tools and using the data they provide to add skills and approaches to provide better security. We use technology to make our businesses more convenient and easier to run, but this can create risk. Scott addresses the 3 C’s: convenience, complacency, and carelessness. He also addresses those new to the field, and how he works with junior people or people green to cyber. The amount to learn can seem insurmountable and constantly changes. You can learn a lot from failure, but don’t set them up to fail, let them learn by creating guard rails. One of the great things of this community is the shedding of ego. Having listening skills and the willingness to share so the community can grow as a whole. Keeping your ego in check, can be one of the fastest ways to advance your career.

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