The Cyber Pro Podcast Episode 5 – Fred Cohen – CEO & Managing Member – Management Analytics

Dr. Cohen – “The Father of the Computer Virus” talks about understanding the risks in cybersecurity and dealing with what is important & when it matters! He discusses even though we think things have changed and there is more remote work, the nuts and bolts of the industry have not. Very little has changed in the strategy or tactics. Cyber Security may be a buzz word, but it is nothing to be afraid of. From a strategic and governance aspect things have remained the same for 25 years. Be reasonable and prudent, obviously. Fred shares the fundamental process he follows to make good cyber security or business decisions. They are rooted deeply in what is important to the business and the consequences of failures. If the consequences and rewards justify the risk, then do it! We take risks to get rewards. The question is what risks are worth taking. To make a good decision on that is understanding the nature of the risks you are taking.

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