The Cyber Pro Podcast Presents – A Fireside Chat on Cyber Security

In this new series we are bringing together several Cyber and IT professionals to take a deeper dive on pressing questions in the field.

The guests:

Jax Scott
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Max Justice
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Charles Britt
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Deidre Diamond
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The Questions:

Question 1 – Who are you, What do you do, and Who is YOUR cybersecurity hero & WHY?

Question 2 – What does the great resignation look like in cybersecurity?

Question 3 – To decrease cyber incidents impacting both businesses and individuals, should we focus more on stopping bad actors or educating the public?

Question 4 – Why is social engineering still the most common reason for a breach and how can we focus on the human element for a better cybersecurity posture?

Question 5 – How can we open up diversity in executive management in cybersecurity and why haven’t we?


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