#192 – Adrianus Warmenhoven – Defensive Strategist and Threat Intelligence Manager – NordVPN

Adrianus talks about how to start a career in the IT sphere. He lays out how you need to start with the basics of computing, not programming, not development, not red teaming, not hacking. The real basics. Then learn to read specs and docs like RFC’s. He has given this advise many times over and it paid off in all cases. From engineers to CISO. He talks about how cybersecurity has grown into a top concern. How the world has evolved into this connected world and how that has effected productivity. He discusses how the focus on specialization has affected those in this field. Adrianus finishes by explaining a great way to start is learning about people and how organizations run. Your opponents are smart and capable people, finding out their motivations and how they think helps put you in their shoes, and stop them. 


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