#208 – Perry Carpenter – Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer – KnowBe4

We had a great conversation with Perry in this one. He talks to us about his job with KnowBe4 as well as his work with 8th Layer Media. He is an author and as well as has his own podcast, 8th Layer Insights. Perry talks about the vast influences that go into his view of security which include mentalism, pick pocketing, street hypnosis, among others. 82% of all data breaches come from some kind of human error. So it is important to understand many different elements of the human side of security to help defend against those attacks using social engineering. He rights about leadership and influence and tries to combine those topics in creative ways that people might not have already thought about. Perry talks about how he gets to influence people with thought provocation which is really fulfilling. He talks about how technology isn’t the savior and can sometimes be the impediment. Perry elaborates on how he views the cyber security space more from the human element. He doesn’t want to throw away the technology, he wants to focus on all the layers involved which includes that of the human involvement to strengthen security as a whole. The reason people start a company is often to improve the world or fill a human need, and effect a lot of stuff. Everything involves humans at some level, so why do we overlook them so often when it comes to security?


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