#212 – Lee McWhorter – CTO – Covered 6

Lee talks about how to implement a Holistic security approach. He talks about his career and his many certifications! He has all of them save for a new one in Data+. He is a train to trainer. With all that he stresses how important it is to keep up with them and stay current. If you don’t stay up with current attacks and vulnerabilities you are likely to fall victim to them. Stay involved, stay current. He believes we are on the cusp of the birth of another platform. A combination IoT, cloud computing, and Ubiquitous Computing will lead to that change. It is interesting to look back at things that have been game changing recently and maybe 20 years ago and think how antiquated they are now. To think the things we are doing now will be the same in as little as tens years and how expedited the process of technology development is becoming is truly awe inspiring.


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