#215 – Rod Soto – Co-Founder & CEO – Pacific Hackers Association

Rod is a research engineer and Co-Founder of Pacific Hackers Association. he has been in the industry for 15 years. He started with Hack Miami and is now here to talk to us about PHACK conference coming back this year on November 18-19th, 2022 at the Hacker Dojo in California. Rod discusses the importance of local meetups like this. How they can help with networking and advancing careers. He discusses the founding of Pacific Hackers and how it has grown and what it can do to help others. Some of the people it helps is the underrepresented members of our communities including veterans. Bad hackers and bad actors have all kinds of people making up their numbers, so it is important to represent all those viewpoints in defense. Rod speaks of how they are trying to add to other local conferences, not detract from. It is important for all local conferences to do well to help the industry as a whole and foster a strong and unified community. So check out Pacific Hackers Conference and see how they can help you. There is still time to make it, so don’t hesitate and get your tickets now!


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