#226 – Bryan Ogle – Network Administrator – Graham Regional Medical Center

Bryan talks to us about being a Network Administrator. He has a great motivational story about overcoming being diagnosed as deaf at the age of three. He talks about the importance of keeping medical data secure. He talks about treating everyone as equals. Doesn’t matter what role you play, we are all there for the same goal, and every job is needed. Bryan talks about getting out in front of the C Suite people and explain to them how cybersecurity helps in risk management, especially when it comes to people personal information and medical data in the health care field. Educating them because the business side doesn’t necessarily understand why or how to mitigate cyber risk. He talks about how he used active listening to help him overcome being deaf, but that it is a great tool to help all us of communicate better. We all share in the role of helping the business succeed. He has very mindful takes, that are something we should all reflect on.


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