#210 – Anirban Banerjee – CEO – Riscosity

Anirban talks to us about how to manage hidden risk In your Software Supply Chain. He discusses the journey of Riscosity and his previous start ups. He talks about gauging risk and using that as a building block to building the business. Anirban discusses enabling his team as the most exciting part of his position. How impactful helping your team succeed can be. You have to build a team you can lean on and not to micromanage. Find the right people and let them do the job you hired them for. He discusses the exponential growth over the last decade and how API’s have become a big part of the industry. The speed of capturing revenue has gone up and therefore forced the developers to work faster. This is not always a good practice. He goes in to how the industry has tried dealing with phishing and how doing the same thing and expecting a different result is not a good recipe.


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